Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Insta update Early summer #6

Most favourite of all the equipment at Nostell Priory. These buddies play too fast for focus! #parkcrawl2015 #newbuddies

Cheer me up gifts from friends.

Rare sunday afternoon walk to favourite place Skipwith with my faves. #mcneeadventures

When you bump into the long horned cattle at Skipwith. #run #nodontrun #mcneeadventures 

Seiged! Impromotu water fights #summerloving 

When you go to Grandma and Grandad's and none of the aunties or uncle are there! ' Josh?.......Where are you? Hope?' 

We took the scenic route home from Keighley tonight over the tops to Menston. Brought back some happy memories of travelling to youth activities on this route. Also some hair raising moments too if a certain friend was driving! 

The cutest kid in the class - nailed it! #dailyjosephcharles

  This boy has done a number of assemblies now. Each and every time, at some point he breaks ranks with the rest of the class to come and give me a hug and a kiss. I'll be honest, I'm a conformer so his blatant disregard for assembly etiquette makes me feel like I'm going to get told off by the teachers as well him. But really how cute is my boy for stuffing the rules and coming for a hug! #dailyjosephcharles  #hesonlyseven 

Pre race pep talk for Ben from big bro! Worked a treat - he won!!  #dailybenjaminnathan #dailyjosephcharles #bigbrowatchesover

Two happy boys.

What I see in my driver's miror. Man I love this face. #gettoseethisfacedaily 

If the sons made popcorn!

Up since 4:30am! Ugh I feel ruff!

Some school shirts need documenting!! Must have been a great day! Every shirt tells a tale! #stainremovaltestorwhat #dailybenjaminnathan 

Hanging out with 'Ionman' today! #dontcallhimbatman

Summer loving!

Found a heghog called Spike and followed him on his way around the perimeter of the chapel.

' Mum, I'm 2! It's totally OK that I'm up this high by myself!' 

Sometimes the stars align and these three nail it! #mcneeadventures #eastpark #parkcrawl2015 #hull

3 friends with 11 boys between them and on this occasion only 1 scooter and 1 bike bewtee them made for some extreme sharing! Some found it easier than others!! #sharingishard #boysrock

Kings of the castle #astleypark #parkcrawl2015 #chorley #cousintimeisbesttime

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