Saturday, 20 August 2011

Summer Lovin

A lovely afternoon was spent at Filey beach, last Saturday (13/8). We took our tent and had a cosey picnic inside it on the beach. About half an hour after arriving, we had to pick the tent up and relocate it further up the sand as the tide was coming in :)

 We inherited a great sandcastle which Ben just wanted to demolish instantly. Nathan and I managed to fend off his attempts for about 10 minutes, then Joseph had enough of filling up the moat with sea water and joined Ben in the onslaught. The castle was demolished in seconds with squeals of delight!

An ice-cream and paddle in the paddling pool we decided to extend the day a little further and went to the RSPB site at Bempton Cliffs. It was a lovely evening, the light was perfect for taking photos. I love the colour of the grass against the blue sky. The boys loved racing each other and diving on the ground.

Wait for me!!

I love these next two photos of my boys

I love the summer especially for it's light evenings which allow for spontaneous adventure. We left the beautiful cliffs of Bempton in slight disgrace. I won't go into too much detail, I don't need to as I won't forget. All I will say is Joseph has no problem with alfresco toileting anymore!!

 A lovely day :)

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