Saturday, 20 August 2011

A day in ruins

Tagged along with Nathan to Helmsley. He had an appointment and I love Helmsley. Whilst he had his appointment, we explored. Love the quaint shops, the stream running through the village and the abundance of historical buildings in such a small place - Helmsley Castle, Dunacombe park and Rievaulx Abbey. Must remember that when the boys are over 5 ( and therefore become people we have to pay entry for)we need to join English Heritage as they look after some great places to visit in Yorkshire. We had lunch and then went to Helmsley castle.

The boys loved it as it was a climber's paradise!

 Bridges to climb and...

walls to jump off.

 King of the castle!

'What's up here?'

'What's out there?'

Lovely place just perfect for my boys (though they were shhhhhed as they enjoyed the echoes in the castle hall a little too much!!) and we'll definitely go back.

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