Monday, 22 August 2011

Can't keep these boys down!

An accomplished morning as we began and completed the first section of turfing in the back garden. I discovered three monster courgettes in the veg plot, I love how these plants grow without very much attention. We could have ratatouille coming out of our ears by the end of the month!! 

Didn't want to feel like the day had just been one of work so we went to the museum gardens in York for a picnic tea (Nathan and Joseph = 20 chicken McNuggets and fries, Ben and I = Morrison's salad bowl - oh yes that is how we roll!) some more climbing, hide and seek and mum in pursuit of great photos of her boys !

Nathan tries working out in the park alla the guy at the otherside of these tombs!

Where are you?


I love Ben's pose in this one very modelesque!


Triumph both facing the camera :)

It was pretty fun watching people posing for photos - they should see themselves :) I chickened out of taking one ( for fear of being caught) of a Ukrainian lady who was really going for it talk about 'Strike a pose' she added some star jumps into the mix too, definitely a highlight! 

Franchesco and McQueen enjoyed racing on a new terrain!

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