Friday, 26 August 2011

Garden Fun

Monday the sun shone (surely it shouldn't be such the novelty that it was, seeing that it is August after all)! We had a lovely day in the garden. The tent got put up and we lounged around inside, eating nectarines and I tried to finish off my book (The Memory-Collector's Daughter - quite a good read). I also put up the paddling pool and Joseph discovered 110 different ways to slide down the slide into the pool.
Ben doesn't seem to be one for cold water outdoors. He loves the bath and the swimming baths but the sea and paddling pools he's not bothered about at all. He entertained himself by chalking on his beloved Little Tykes Car - at least it was chalk and not crayon or lipstick on the wall and sofa - oh wait he's done those too this week :/

There has been a whole host of ladybirds hanging out in the garden as well. Joseph enjoyed them crawling up his arm. He has learnt to treat them gently and I heard him say to one ' Come on, I'll take you to your Mummy' - very sweet.

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