Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The McNees do camping

The McNees went camping for four nights 'and now they feel epic!' (robbed the catchphrase from the Moneysupermarket advert it seemed appropriate!)

To Anglesey we went with one to-the-roof filled car!
As we drove along the A55, the sun was beaming and we admired the numerous castles.
North Wales, to both Nathan and I, doesn't particularly bring back fond memories. Say the words 'Colwyn Bay' in front of the Hillary clan and we'll all groan as we remember the worst family holiday ever, when it rained every-single-day! There is also some memory of a dodgy dinosaur park etched in there too!
Nathan's experience too was one of wetness, on an A-level geography trip!
 In the sunshine the place looked lovely. We arrived at Ty Croes campsite and took around 3 hours to get everything set up right. This included a trip to Bangor to buy more tent pegs as we'd failed to pack one set - the scouts we are not! Everything was ready in time for the sun to set and a tea of Tomato soup.

During the night the winds blew and we woke to grey sky. Determined to make the most of the remaining dry weather we drove 5 minutes up the road to Newborough beach or Llandwyn as it is truly called. This was the beach of my childhood memory. Of that Colwyn Bay holiday there is one shining light - the trip to this beach. I remembered it was just so beautiful; a forest which nestled onto a beach with sand dunes and white sand, blue sea and the Snowdonian mountains as backdrop. 
On this day it was still beautiful but there was more of a grey sea to match the rain clouds and how the wind was howling!

The sand was in all our eyes so we retreated to the trees just as the heavens opened! We lasted all of 20 minutes, trudging around the forest in an attempt to be adventure hearts! The boys were not interested in doing a scavenger hunt, as stones were getting in their sandals. So we made haste and returned to the sanctuary of the car! 

After a long afternoon of driving and both Nathan and I at one point saying 'Let's just go home' (This became a competition between the two of us - whoever said it the least would win. The score remained 1-1 from this day until the end of our trip) and proclaiming over and over with great enthusiasm 'We're having a good time!'  to get the positive vibes going, the rain finally stopped!

Evening brought a fish n chip supper and a run out with the boys to use up some of that pent up energy.
We went for a walk at Newborough Warren, it was gorgeous. The light was amazing and highlighted the contrasting colours perfectly.

Rabbits galore 

wild horses

one tired little boy and Daddy pulling a funny face!

It was still a little windy as we tried to settle the boys to bed but I'm so glad to say that it was the last of the rain for our trip!

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