Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Why I blog #13

Some things that have made me smile this week -

Joseph has been off school with the chicken pox (that's not the thing that made me smile) he's had more spots than Ben had a fortnight ago but hasn't been too ill with it. It's been nice to have him around. Some food have been making his mouth hurt as I think he may have a few spots inside. Tea must have had this effect on him, to add greater weight to his request not to have to eat any more food he said ' Mummy, Jesus doesn't want me to eat any more tea, it hurts my mouth!' 

I went to his second parent's evening of the year today.
Summary - he's doing really well in maths ; has improved a lot with his reading and writing ; needs to work on his listening and  concentration when in a large group ; he's a lovely boy whose really caring.

Ben has been a little put out that Joseph has stayed at home when he's had to go to nursery (didn't take him on Monday as it had snowed, Joseph wasn't going and well to be honest it was hard getting out of bed after an unusually bad night's sleep). When I gave him a lollipop he exclaimed 'Jumping jellyfish!' (as heard on the Octanauts) His vocabulary is expanding rapidly. I love the way he eyeballs me to make sure I'm listening ' I just want to play a little bit' or 'mmmm I don't think so' are current common phrases. His toy of  choice is our tin opener, he plays with it like it's a fighter ship from Star Wars!! Tonight just before Nathan was about to go out 'Bishoping' we had family prayers given by Ben 'Thank you for my family, thank you for my Dad' The boy is growing up.

Seth continues to woo us all with his wide eyes, gummy smiles and   conversation. The boy loves to tell a tale, eyeballing us to make sure we're listening! He is sleeping really well, just a couple of bad nights which in reality are not bad nights - a 2am feed  and a 5 feed are not really a bad night but the boy wonder spoils us normally with an 8 o'clock bedtime and a 5 am feed. He is delightful company when out and about. He accompanied Joseph and I to the pantomine, we were right by the speaker and it was loud, but he was fine! If he's fed and then cuddled, the boy is not going to be any bother! 

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