Wednesday, 13 March 2013

That child

You know that child?
Which child?
You know...the one who had his back to the congregation during the first verse of the song, whilst the rest of primary were singing to the mums for mother's day  and then turned round for the second verse and started doing a little boogie, but never sang a word!
You know.... that child who needs to be asked time after time to; pick his lego up ;flush the toilet ;wash his hands ; stop wittering for things when he's been given the answer 'no'
You know ....that child who drove his mum to tears, by not listening to her repeated requests to be still and quiet as she sat there nursing his baby brother and tried to listen to the talk being given about mother's over the intercom in the Mother's lounge.
You know that child who can get really cross and say cross words.
You know.... that child who seems to constantly have his fingers in the form of a gun to fight battle droids or General Grevous.
You know...that child who during his class assembly interrupted his teacher on three occasions as she was speaking to the whole school. Once twenty seconds in, to ask to go to the toilet (which by doing, missed the part where he should have been reciting 'little rabbit Foo Fu and showing his picture) once to give her a pencil and another time for goodness knows what reason but was quickly told to sit back down!
You know that child.
Oh right that child, yes I know him....he's mine.

You know that other child?
Which child?
You know... the one who is full of energy for life and has that infectious smile making others around him smile too.
You know that child who will generally help his Mum by; putting his shoes away and helps his younger brother take his shoes off too ; takes their clothes and put them in the washing basket.
You know the one who absolutely adores his baby brother; says the nicest things to him; wants to kiss him  and will coo at him when he's crying to make him feel better.
You know that child, the one that can say the sweetest things just in passing like' when I grow up I'm going to marry someone beautiful like my mum'
You know that child who makes people giggle by his literal obedience for example when told that he and his cousin were not to play with their imaginary guns at Granne and Grandad's he replied 'OK.... come on Jack, let's go I've got a missile on my back!'
You know that child, who makes friends with people so easily and makes new people feel welcome.
You know that child, whose teaching assistant says he's lovely inspite of his poor attention during class assembly.
You know that child who will have given his parents a mountain of funny stories to tell by the time he's grown up.
You know that child who people come and tell his mum how much they like him, his zest for life and his cheerful disposition.
You know that child.
Oh right that child, yes I know him. He's mine too.

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