Saturday, 17 November 2012

By small and simple things..

Today was full of small things I'm grateful for -

Finding Nathan in the boys bed, as he'd slept there to give us more space because they'd come into our bed.
Warm duvet covers.
Having a lie in til 9:30
Nathan taking Joseph to football
Joseph coming up with a good idea about when it would be a good time to have a packet of crisps (ie not for breakfast but after he'd been a good boy at football)
Nathan sanding away the black marks from the worktop (talk about dust)
Finding a new mat for the utility room for 99p, some coral beads and a piece of lace fabric for a bag for Amy.
Following my instinct and  not buying sealant in Wilkos for £7.99 but finding the same stuff in YTC for £1.99 - oh yes :)
Traditional saturday bacon butties for lunch
Nathan resealing around the belfast sink - he really didn't want to but did and it looks so much better.
Joseph helping me dust throughout the house. He used a sock over his hand with polish on it and was really good at getting in the low nooks and crannies - he even said it was fun :)
Ben seeing that Joseph was rewarded for helping mummy - deciding that he wanted to help to and set about picking up bits from the floor and he did some dusting too.
Joseph wanting me to help him with his lego.
Nathan reoiling the worktop.
Nathan on a mission to find the missing lego pieces (this is currently what he's doing now @ 21:54)
Joseph totally engaged and focused on designing his own lego masterpieces.
Ben playing cars sprawled out on the floor.
Joseph saying ' oh she looks pretty' for every single lady on Strictly Come Dancing including Lisa Riley.
Lisa Riley doing the splits on Strictly - in the words of Craig Revel- Holwood 'A- Ma-Zing'
Ben playing in the bath ' Oh mummy look bubbles.... they're so cute... I pop them'
Feeling the baby move.
The boys getting excited about the new baby.
Ben in general saying 'oh so cute'
Reading the scriptures with the boys and Joseph Paying close attention.
Reading 'Guess how much I love you'
Finding them asleep snuggled up.

A day full of small and simple things which made it a good one.

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