Saturday, 17 November 2012

A rambling reflective post

I think it would be fair to say I've been a tad grouchy recently, perhaps more than a tad and more than grouchy. Hormonal is the word I like to hide behind. Quite often between the hours or 2 and 3 in the afternoon I get emotional and feel like I can't cope this often is the time that Nathan rings home to see how I'm doing. It's kind of embarrassing when every time he asks 'how are you?' the honest truth would be - 'I'm feeling emotional'. I've been very impatient with the children - the sound of tipping (lego, cars, playmobil) makes my skin crawl, the cushions being thrown of the sofa, the throws being messed with, packets and wrappers and orange peel not being put in the bin, cereal on the front room floor, shoes left in the middle of the kitchen floor - all make me mad. I've started to wonder if this is actually because I'm tired and pregnant or if this is just me. We had a great lesson in RS on Sunday about being kind - it struck home. I want to be kind. Kindness touches my heart. When I see a kind act to someone in need or receive kindness myself it moves me. Kindness is of God and comes from the spirit of Christ. I want to be more kind especially to my children and Nathan. So I'm going to try harder to work through those moments of grouchiness and try to be more positive and kind. You know how in Harry Potter the death eaters appear and suck all the happiness out of their victim and the way to get rid of them is for the victim to create their own Patronus. Well that's what I need to do - create more light, be more patient, more kind, focus on the positive and less on the negative. 

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  1. I'm afraid I have no idea about harry potter, but i can totally relate to the rest. feel like all i ever do sometimes is get cross and frustrated. "USE A NICE VOICE!" is often yelled at the kids before i realise how ridiculous it sounds!

    heard a quote that really made me think "sometimes your children can't hear what you say, because what you do is too loud." great if you're being a good example, but i felt a lot of truth (unfortunately) in my own life in the wrong way. it's making me realise that showing my kids how to behave is more important than telling them. thanks for the reminder here too. it's clearly something i need to be working on (and i don't have the hormonal excuse...)

    p.s. sorry for being so long and ramble-y! and i think you do an AMAZING job with both your boys. you're so good with them. xx