Thursday, 27 September 2012


I really enjoy hand stitching. While I stitch I get to think. Hand stitching gives me more time for my mind to wander and think about them both than sat at the machine

I have just been hemming Joseph's trousers and as I stitched I've just felt an overwhelming sense of love for my boy. I love making things for both of them. 

Tomorrow is book character day, he's going as Peter Pan; with Izzie's green jeans, a simple green tabbard and a felt hat with red feather. 
It's simply made, very homemade looking but he was so excited to try it on and was really thrilled with how he looked - throwing his head back and laughing in true 'Joseph' fashion as he looked at himself in the mirror. Moments like that make me feel so happy, that as a mum a piece of scrap felt and a few hand stitches can bring delight to my boy. 

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