Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How to train your dragon party

So Saturday finally came for Joseph. Bless him, he asked every day for a week if it was his party day.
The morning was Busy with a capital 'B'  Had to turn the house over to look for the gazebo cover. One day, I dream that this house will be a house of order and I will know where everything is at any given moment - a girl's gotta dream big :)  Anyway it was totally worth all the planning, prep and work during and tidying up just to see this little boy oozing with happiness at 'His party'.

Almost ready to go, showing off the dragon tee I appliqu├ęd for his birthday t-shirt.

Party in action (from top left clockwise)
Pictures 1&2 -Dragon egg hunt
3 - Jack helped Joseph open the present he brought him :)
4 - Viking shield decorating
5 & 6 - The girls also had viking princess headbands to decorate with jewels
7 - Grandma took charge of pass the parcel.
8 - Jack won
9 - Pin the tail on the dragon.
10- Uncle David has a go at pin the tail - 'urhh where's it gone?'
11 & 12 - Dragon birthday cake
13 - Daddy explains the obstacle course
14 - Daddy demonstrates the obstacle course!!
15 - Joseph in action on the course
16 - Lottie and Ben show off their full viking costumes 
Centre picture - Joseph in his full Viking costume

The dragon cake in all its orange icing glory. Nathan had to come to the rescue the night before as I was having a mild crisis with the icing of it. It turns out he's a dab hand at it and much more patient :) Just looking at the photo spot where Ben has pinched the sweets  lol!

  Party in action ( top Left to right )
1 - Emily completing the course.
2 - Nathan gets through the tunnel :)
3 - Belle completes the course :)]
4 - Ben in action
5 - Joseph in action
6 - Joseph and Ngaika show their Viking strength
7 - Lottie and Ben in their viking gear (again :))

The party goers enjoy watching Nathan demo the obstacle course.

Charlie bear - the cutest viking around :)

Flat out after an afternoon of fun - I was totally sharing the feeling :)

Our five - year old viking :)

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