Thursday, 13 September 2012

And so the boy went to nursery

My little buddy, started nursery on Monday. You went in put your name in the basket, coat on your peg        ( you have an eagle on your tags) and then  you went into the home corner and said 'Bye Mum'
That was that.
I came home, sorted out the kitchen, made some appointments, studied my scriptures, put the washing on, hung washing on the line, started making the rest of the viking hats for Joseph's party, picked blackberries on route back to nursery. Pretty productive though I couldn't wait to see your  little face and give you  a huge hug. You ran out of nursery with a big smile, a sticker (wearing the same trousers you went in with - Fab!) We had a lovely afternoon; had lunch, made blackberry muffins, did some side by side craft - you are really into cutting at the moment, had some quiet time, snuggled on the sofa, you  played with your cars whilst I did some more jobs and then before we knew it, it was time to collect Joseph.

Nursery send home a report on the things you did on your first day.

Second day at Nursery, Daddy did the morning school run. On this day, you cried when you went into Nursery. It made Daddy feel really sad to leave you like that. Mrs Rodgers rang to say that you had settled and were happily playing. It made us feel better hearing that. 

 Daddy insisted on picking you up - he wanted to make sure you were OK and you were. (same pants - wayhoo)
On the third day, I took you in and you cried again, this time you took a little longer to settle and you were a little cross, but you did settle and had a good time. You ran out so fast, with a big painting and your bag  that you tripped up, I was glad I was there to give you a big cuddle and a kiss to make it better - you're my boy.

In the afternoon you fell asleep - it's been a tiring week for you.
(I love to watch you sleep)

Today, the fourth day. We talked about you going to nursery you seemed happy to go until we stepped on the playground and you started to say ' No, no, not me..... not not me' in a really cute whiny voice. You cried again, but by the time we had walked half way down the playground - you'd stopped and were playing. Tomorrow (Friday) you don't go to nursery and I predict you'll cry when we drop Joseph off and you don't go.  

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