Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Friends like buses.

So you have no social interaction with anyone other than family for weeks then in a matter of three days we had a visit from Uncle Smithers who came Thursday, on his way home to Hitchin from York. Aunty Jane came for the day on Friday, we went for a walk to Skipwith. My love of the common has slightly been tarnished by the experience, I was totally attacked by mozzies, bitten all over my feet and through my leggings, the boys obviously aren't as tasty as they weren't bit once. Ben took advantage of Aunty Jane's kindness, who pulled him along on his scooter to the bike track. We managed to find the Hebredian sheep and Exmoor ponies which was a plus. That evening we had the lovely Wilson's over (should have got a photo) to have a farewell meal before their move to London.
Saturday, Nathan put in an Olympic effort into removing the concrete base of the greenhouse, he worked like a machine and I do confess, he suited the sweaty, muddy look :) In the evening Lynne, Gary and Charlie came to stay on their way home from a week at the Olympics. The boys just took off from where they were last year when they came. Charlie has grown so much and impressed us with his headstands and his no bother attitude to Joseph taking temporary ownership of the Star Wars lego he'd got from 'Lego land'. (Yes there were tears when the lego had to go home with Charlie and the by has been seen frequently since with his head in the Argos catalogue eyeing up the multitude of sets he would like :))It's always great to be with them. Lynne and I set to task to cram in as much talk as time would allow before tiredness set in and between enjoying the most fabulous night of athletics ever - Go Jess, Greg and Mo - AMAZING! 

Great three days of catching up with great friends. 

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