Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A place of love and beauty

Over the weekend, we were able to go to the temple twice. Friday night with Caroline and Stuart for their endowment and Saturday for their sealing.

One of Grandma's favourite sayings is 'my cup brimmeth over' and it truly did this weekend.

Blessed to see my sister sealed to her love.
Blessed to witness how lives can change within a small space of time, Stuart had barely met Caroline 18 months ago, let alone heard about the gospel - amazing how Heavenly Father can bless us with not only what we need but also want. 
Blessed to be with all my siblings, my parents in the temple. Blessed to be with my Grandma, to be able to tell her much I love her. 
Blessed to be able to hold Nathan's hand and listen to the lovely message that President Leece gave as he explained the symbolism of the sealing and the blessings which come. To be reminded of God's love for us and how I felt 10 years ago at our own.
Blessed to be there with our children and nieces and nephews, to witness the joy that they find with each other and how excited they were to be at the temple. 

Truly a place of love and beauty.

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