Monday, 5 March 2012

Mum is not totally awesome at everything :)

Just a couple of things I want to remember

I overheard Joseph say to Ngaika the other day when talking about something or other;  'That is totally awesome!' It seems to be one of his current favourite phrases. I think it's a Kevin McCallister phrase, he seems to have adopted a few, some we've reigned in (though inwardly laughing) ie. and a happy new year to ya, you filthy animal. 

Transformers are 'totally awesome' too and he was thrilled when Nathan bought him one last week - Bumblebee (or Bungalbee as he calls him). The day after Joseph asked 'Mummy can you change this into a car now' So I rolled up my sleeves and attempted to transform the transformer into a car. At first, I was a little over confident and tried without the instruction leaflet. Humbled I asked for them and then moved onwards step by step. I felt a certain sense of accomplishment building as the car began to appear, I thought about the new string to my bow being developed -  I was now a mum of boys who could who could switch transformers back and forth. As this thought had barely left my mind, I broke a wheel off! Joseph was not impressed! We decided to wait for Daddy to come home. In the meantime the wheel got lost. Daddy was not impressed. I told them I didn't want to play with Transformers anymore!!

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