Sunday, 18 March 2012

Why I blog #7

 Last Saturday, I woke expecting to find that the body next to me snuggled up was either Joseph or Ben, how wrong I was it was 'Doctomus Prime (hence the blanket attached to the arm) or being more specific it was Woody dressed up as 'Doctomus Prime' I love my boy's imagination :)

We had a day working in the garden, Nathan worked like a trooper pruning all the trees and I was on fire duty. The boys are loving playing out and spent 4-5 hours outside playing as we worked. It has to be said that lunch was probably not as forth coming as they would have liked  and Ben took it into his own hands to sort himself out with a bit of cheese (yep this photo also shows that his pants were falling down due to a weighty nappy)
 After our hard work, we went to met up with Richard and Ashley who were over for the weekend, at the Squinting Cat near Harrogate. A nice meal with whopping sized desserts and playtime in the ball pool for all.

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