Sunday, 8 January 2012

Christmas living

December 27th

Nathan went to play golf with the boys and then we drove to Billingham to see Nana and Aunty Diane. It was nice to see them again so soon after visiting in October for Nana's birthday.

December 28th

Oh joy of joys, a day I had been looking forward to for so long, a day we had designated to be 'a total slob day!' It was great, it was slow, it was long in a really good way. The boys didn't get dressed all day, I showered and then got back into my pyjamas again. We watched lots of films (The Great expectations adaptation by the BBC was really good), the boys enjoyed playing with their new toys. Nathan didn't get out of bed until midday. The only thing I cooked were pancakes and Jamie's epic hot chocolate, the rest of the days eating was direct from the cupboards, fridge or sweet tin! It was a really, thoroughly enjoyable day :)

December 29th

Kind of a version of the day before only  we did slightly up the activity rate. Nathan ventured out for needed supplies, we all got dressed and I did cook as the missionaries came over for tea with Eric. Our current Missionaries are really great. Elder Balls is nearly homeward bound but still working hard, he has a down to earth personality. Elder Pezencsky is an extremely special missionary and brings with him a very special spirit. He suffers from muscular dystrophy which causes him balance issues and to talk slowly. I have never come across an Elder with the same level of disability as He has. Nathan said the first time he came to our house, straight from the MTC, it took him 10 minutes to take off his shoes. We are truly humble by the conviction of his testimony to serve His heavenly father by coming on a mission and preaching of Christ. He shared the spiritual though this evening and challenged us to share the book of Mormon with someone. We committed to this challenge. What is even more humbling about this Elder is that he  himself had only been a member of the church for 18 months prior to his call. He met the Elders at a bus stop in London, they invited him to read the book of Mormon and come to church he accepted and that Sunday he went and knew that he needed to go on a mission. He is as yet the only member in his family. Because of his disabilities he needed to demonstrate to the stake and area presidencies that he would  physically be able to cope with the demands of his mission and with his determination he was able to do so. We in Selby have been really blessed to have him serve here.   

December 30th

I went over to mum's to be fitted for my bridemaid's dress. I made a somewhat unsuccessful and rare trip into Leeds to try and find beads and a bra!! It was quite a treat though to be able to pop into a number of shops by myself :) In the evening I'd arranged a 'hen do' of sorts for Caroline. The Sarah's three: Hillary, Fenton and Walker, Angela (with amazing Lemon curd cheesecake and a divine oreo cheesecake which Gemma claimed 'she needed in her life again'), Julie,Jennie, Val, Gemma, Mum and I arrived in pyjamas. We presented Caroline with a pair of Mum's silky pyjamas and tied her hair in ribbons. Jennie had the opportunity for revenge and took her to collect the Chinese takeaway dressed this way. 

We played the Christmas card game and Tension  and Vital statistics with a few 'Stuart themed rounds' Sarah Fenton had brought plenty of Sing Star Games and the PS3 and we all bar Mum had a good sing and a good laugh too.

Charlie - the only male permitted to the attend the evening's event :)

Sarah total Sing Star :) 

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