Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Joseph turned four this month. In some ways it's easy to think 'where has the time gone?' and then in other ways it feels like we've been on this parent journey for a lot longer! 

Joseph, I am so grateful to be your mum. You fill my life with light, energy and it has to be said lots of noise (I am not complaining!) You are so quick, you don't miss a trick! You love to laugh and be happy, it's a trait that's been noticeable in you from a very young age (Daddy blessed you that you would be so). If you hurt yourself you'd cry, but only for the briefest time because  in essence you want to be happy. Sometimes it's hard for you because you have definite ideas about what will make you happy and we as parents don't play ball! In those times you have also shown a great prowess in 'pester power' It's true you can be like a dog with a bone. We pray that you will be determined for doing good as you grow up. I love to hear you laugh, you have a gorgeous giggle.Today you went into nursery covering your face with your helmet and giggled wide mouthed and head thrown back, as Mrs Rogers guessed who it was. I also love to hear you sing - your voice is lovely, my favourite has to be when you sing' why did you let it go, cause it bit my finger so. Which finger did it bite, this little finger on my right (at this point you point to your thumb!) Other favourites are : 5 current buns and 'Dunner, Dunner, Dunner' from Lightening McQueen. When the music is playing you can't help but move, you love to shake you hips and move your booty, it's really cute though not quite appropriate during the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing at conference!! 
At the moment you're asking where things come from
'Mummy where does corn come from?' You sounded totally disbelieving when I told you it came from a plant, and when I explained that a 'banato' also came from a plant - well that
had you giggling!!
Joseph you know who you are. You've always had this essence about you, that you knew you were special and people would want to speak to you. I always want you to feel this way because you are so special. Your first night I held you wrapped up in a blanket perched on my knee and the spirit I felt was so strong. I knew without doubt that you'd just come from Heavenly Father, that He loved you so much, you were special to Him, he'd miss you and he needed me to watch over you, love you and keep you close to Him. To have this responsibility is nothing but a blessing in my life.
I love you, my little man. Happy fourth birthday.

Love Mummy xxxx

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