Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Why I blog #15

Today I am loving -
Watching  my two older boys playing in the back garden as I wash up.
The fact that Joseph has obediently got changed out of his uniform before going outside and his trousers are on back front. Tuesday is PE day and you can guarantee something won't be put on quite right! Today his jumper was inside out over the top of his polo shirt which was on back to front :) How I will miss it when he doesn't put things on back to front; I'm pretty sure this will probably be in line with an age in double figures and time will have seemed to have slipped through my fingers.

Today I am loving -
Listening to the birds singing. Our garden is still very......rustic :) but it has amazing trees at the bottom of it, separately us from the castle Garth. These trees mean we have lots of birds which sometimes mess on my washing - boo, but always sound lovely.
Hearing Ben firmly say to Joseph as he interrupted him ' Dosiff, I am speaking to my Mummy!' I am loving hearing him become so much more confident with words. He now strikes up conversations with Julie next door unprompted. He has things he wants too and can say and I am loving to see our quieter boy become confident in his quieter way.

Today I am loving -
Moments of pure bliss with our four month old. Giggles when I blow raspberries on his tummy and he grabs my hair; gummy smiles ; wide opened eyes when he's told he's handsome (he totally knows it). He thinks I am an amazing lyricist as I create songs about him to tunes varying from Beyonce's 'if you like it' to the gospel classic ' I will follow Him' They are one hit wonders as I have a memory like a sieve and wouldn't be able to recall them. However, they definitely meet with his approval :)

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