Monday, 13 May 2013


 Some days, the sun comes out and you get to do something extra special for your boys. 
Sometimes, these extra special things are also free which is an added bonus :)

May Day we took the boys, or should I say; 'I' accompanied the boys (Nathan included!) to the Superhero day at The Royal Armouries.
As soon as we walked through the entrance, the boys squealed with excitement when the saw Bobba Fett just casually hanging out in the foyer :)
At times it seemed like they couldn't actually believe their eyes and I'm sure if we'd have left straight after they would have been thoroughly satisfied.

On the first floor, we bumped into a clone fortunately of the friendly type. I'm pretty sure I racked up some 'my wife is not only gorge but cool' points with my correct Star War's character name dropping!

We also bumped into the Parkers and Stilgoes. The children collectively charged around excitedly, we Mums did our best to keep up whilst the Dads seemed to take a more 'Dad- like calm approach' to child shepherding!!

Obi Wan shared some force with us.

and the kids shared some more.

Outside we took a few moments to hang out with Iron man, he'd made the effort to come so it would have seemed rude not too! We even thought it would be polite to have some photos taken with him and if it looks like Nathan has his arm around him that's because he does lol!! I'm not sure this wins him any extra 'my husband is gorge and cool points' but he certainly cracks me up with his boyish ways! 

At lunchtime we headed to celebrate Grandad's birthday. He doesn't have a fancy costume or supernatural powers, though he his pretty super and a hero to me and thereby fits well in with the day's theme.

His cake was a-ma-zing; Mum's fruit cake with rocky road on top. The weather was kind and so the grandchildren played for hours in the garden and we got to hang out n chat. 
Great day.

(Seth telling Grandad a long tale about the days' events - so very cute)

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