Wednesday, 28 December 2011

O come little children.

Today we're having a slob day - I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to this day. We have no plans, we aint going nowhere, we aint getting the kids dressed, we are going to eat easy ( so far the boys have had a breakfast of smarties )and we will watch as much TV as we please - no guilt, none :)

It's 10:26 we're still in bed, Nathan is sleeping and I'm going to do some catch up posts. The first being Joseph's Christmas show with Nursery, back on the 8th.

 The Nursery performed a selection of Christmas songs and poems. One of the things I like about Joseph's school is that it's a church school, so doesn't have to shy away from celebrating the real meaning of Christmas. During the show there was a mix of carols and Christmas songs.

One thing to note is that Joseph had to  be on the end of a row close to Miss Taylor - I wonder why :) 

However, they needn't have worried, our boy did us more than proud he sang with real gusto, loud and clear. At times he couldn't contain his energy and just wanted to dance, which he did. During When Santa got stuck up the chimmney when everyone else had sung 'atchoo, atchoo, atchoo' Joseph carried on solo    ' when Santa got stuck up the chimmney, he began to shout' which drew a chuckle from the audience and tear of laughter from our eyes.

I loved the way he was really concentrating when singing the 'lullala' song 

 It's amazing what things they learn from songs. Now when Joseph has food which is too hot, he describes it as 'steaming hot' because they sang a song about Christmas pudding which was steaming hot. When you ask him where Jesus was born he will answer in 'Bethlehem's stall'

As soon as the performance was finished that piece of tinsel was off his head and handed to Miss Taylor!!

An angel in the making :)

They finished the show with this poem:

O come little children, o come one and all
O come to the manger, in Bethlehem's stall
And see what our Father on this holy night
Has sent us from heaven, for our pure delight

I'm looking forward to next year to see him in his nativity :) However, next year Ben will be involved in the nursery performance and I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

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