Sunday, 3 July 2011

So many things to post about.. where to begin??

Wednesday 29th June. Joseph's first sports day.

 You did great in the effort department, fab with your 'starting technique',  you need just a little polishing in your' finishing techniques' and well, you were excellent in  the entertainment category!! 

I was crying with laughter at certain points such as when you seemed to be deliberately falling over during the balance the hoop on the head race. Why did you keep falling to the ground going 'Whoah!' I wondered? Daddy then pointed out to me that you were obviously trying to keep the falling hoop on your head and so was falling with it - clever thinking really.

 Then there was the bean bag race where you collected your three bean bags  really well and then instead of racing to the end went to collect some other racers bean bags too!! 

The sprint start to the egg and spoon race ended predictably and the fall just at then end of the running race when you were in the lead just rounded up a very eventful 40 minutes. You were brill, you never stopped smiling and you made us all smile too! xx

Love how the Reception teacher is trying hard to stop laughing!

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