Thursday, 21 July 2011

One of those weeks!

Monday - Went to the gym, didn't screw the lid on my water bottle tight enough and it leaked over my trousers and top so I started my workout soggy - nice! Even worse it leaked onto my digital camera and now it won't work :(

Tuesday - In a rush to get Joseph to his swimming lesson on time whilst busting for the loo. Sent him off then sprinted to the toilets, just as I was about to relieve myself I heard a splash - new iphone down the loo. Moment of panic, quick reflexes fished it out. (Funnily the desperation to go to the loo vanished) the screen dimmed and the sound wasn't working. Frantically txt Nathan - 'Goggle what to do when iphone falls in the loo.' He txt back 'Turn it off and we'll put it in a bag of rice' Bag of rice?????? I am now a convert to this theory as after 24 hours in a bag of rice my phone is back to normal. (I have to admit I did momentarily wonder whether it was possible to keep the rice as boiling it would kill off any germs - right?? But despite the financial climate and counting all our pennies a full bag of rice has been disposed of!!)

Wednesday - With my phone being in the rice, this day wasn't the best to miss the bus home from the gym. Saw it, ran for it, flip flop fell off, bent over to put flip flop back on, purse fell out, well and truly missed the bus! Stood at the reception in Abbey Leisure for 20 mins trying to get in touch with Nathan to no avail, rang Sharnee to ask her to pick up Joseph from school, rang school twenty billion times to let them know about arrangements only got the answer phone - glad it wasn't a major disaster.

Thursday - Trip to Bridlington with the toddler group. Up bright and early felt slightly smug about how organised I was. Walked to the castle - lots of empty cars, no bus and no crowd of mum n kids?? Heart sinks - have a I got the wrong time???? Was it in fact a 9:00am set off instead of 9:30am??? Joseph starts to cry ' I want to go to the beach Mummy, I want to got to the beach' I try to call a couple of the mums thinking ' why did no one call me? Rang Nathan with the intention of driving Joseph to the beach. Just as we were about to go home, I saw another mum from the group who wasn't going on the trip, I sheepishly said 'I must have got the wrong time' She looked confused and replied ' Oh I thought they were meeting at the school' 'At school??!' With a glimmer of hope, we ran as fast as possible with the heavy ladened pushchair (nappy bag, beach bag, car seat, two buckets and spades, picnic rug) round the corner and there was the coach and we were only.... 15 minutes late!!! You could say it was a little embarrassing climbing on the packed bus to the sound of babies wailing. Everyone was very nice about it and pretended they'd be collecting the money and doing a headcount so we hadn't really slowed them down! The day out itself, though it seemed to take forever to get there and back, was lovely. The boys dug, and ran after bubbles.  Joseph made a track for Lightning and Mater in the sand. He and Ngaika loved paddling in the surprisingly warm sea. 

Friday - Up and out for the 9:20am bus. Joseph did really well running alongside me as I power walked from Selby centre to the new hospital to get there for Ben's 10am hearing test. Got there at 9:55am - impressed. The lady took our form and went to book us in on the system, she returned; 'I'm sorry love by this appointment is for next month!' 15/08/11 - so we'll be back in August! Note to self - stop rushing!

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  1. Oh dear! So glad I'm not the only one with weeks like this! Sounds like you handled it all very well. You always seem to have it all together to me!