Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Fireplace redo

So, back in March I announced to Nathan that I wanted to repaint the fireplace in the dining room. He looked at me and said 'Well if you want to do it, you do it but I am not rescuing you.' A bit mean perhaps, or perhaps just a man who has come to the rescue of his wife's DIY impulses one too many times. I laugh at the thought of when I decided to knock out the bricked up fireplace in the dining room at Starch lane, one afternoon. he came home to a chimney breast heaving with soot!! Happy times and it was totally worth it in the end!
Anyway, after 4 tubs of paint remover and three months most of the black paint was removed and a yellow enamel revealed, I then under coated it and repainted it using chalk paint and to say I am thrilled with the result is an understatement! And I did the whole thing by myself!!! The hubs is proud of me too!

I only used half a tin of the paint so the trolley got a redo too!

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