Saturday, 16 May 2015

The 52 Project 20/52

I'm currently sat on my bed listening to Seth talk away to himself whilst playing cars in his cot. It's lovely to hear him. He talks alot about trains especially 'Nomus' which when he says 'it's Thomas' sounds very similar to 'enomus' or 'enormous!' He also talks about Gordon and lets me know when life isn't fair 'no fair' when he's not allowed more of the things he likes to eat. This week we finally got to met up with Aunty Jane and her 'Nomus!' we had a rather chilly picnic at Oakwell Hall and then went for a play in the park. Nomus loves the swings and getting dizzy on the roundabout and wasn't quite happy about his wellies and bodywarmer which made him a little unstable. Seth doesn't really like the swings but does like climbing big ladders and going down big slides. 

Joseph is sleeping on the floor to the side of the bed, as Daddy is painting their room ready for a new carpet coming next week. He has asked my opinion on how to hold his sword today, should his hand be high or low on the handle. What would Peter do we asked ourselves? He's been watching the Narnia films.  I love that he asks me such things and values my opinion. I hope I can show that I value what he asks me and that things he thinks about are important enough for me to think about and share an opinion on. 
The boys sales skills crack me up as well. This week we had a conversation which went like this -
J: Mum, can we get a PC?
Me: Why do we need a PC we have a laptop and ipads?
J: Well PCs are bigger and you can do research and stuff on them, like if we had a PC I could do research about things. Like I could research about holy things you know about Jesus and his wife, if he even had a wife. i would go on Minecraft a bit and make worlds but I'd make a holy world and a Jesus world.
(Think he must have been reading Dale Carnegie influencing principles #8 Talk in terms of the other person's interests!)
Me (keeping a straight face): Oh right I see. Well we might think about getting a PC when you go to high school when you're 11  because you'll be getting much more homework then.
J: HIGH SCHOOL! I've told you I am not going to high school!
Me: Oh right, why?
J: You know! Crushes!!! Boys and girls have crushes and then kiss each other in front of your face! Euw! I am not going to high school!

Ben is now asleep at the bottom of our bed, having just been acting out some scene or other from Star wars with related sound effects. He is sporting a rather prominent black eye! A result of a collision on the trampoline with Joseph a couple of days ago and initially was much blacker. He too cracked me up this week with the foloowing converstaion.

B (runs into the kitchen): MUM! Joseph is putting a Holy Ghost folm on and it's not even Sunday! Tell him!
Me : A Holy Ghost film? What's one of those?
B: You know one about Moses or Joseph or God. He's putting Moses on and it's not even Sunday, tell him!

Made me smile.

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