Monday, 8 July 2013

Sleights a fabulous place to hoilday

Hillary holiday 2013 - Manor hall Farm, Sleights Nr Whitby

Hill rolling

Time getting to know Aunty Ashley

Whitby beach, day 1 

Stunning panoramic views around the farmhouse

Gorgeous Whitby

The Super Seven with the Grands

Our Charlie LOVES cake!! (Hillary trait)

Super man poses

Kid's dining

 Super Bear!

Story time in the 'quiet room'

Scarborough beach rockpool finds
Emily was action girl; finding crabs, eels and fish.
Ben wasn't too sure about getting too close! Joseph neither!
Nathan had to retrieve an escapee crab from amongst the bags!

When asked what his favourite part of the day had been, Ben replied ' playing in the dirty sea' aka the puddle around the bottom of the steps!! Joseph invented the game, throw the bouncy ball up the steps and then try and catch it. The four of them loved it. I tried not to think about the grossness of the water!

Sarah had a nap under the parachute

Joseph played boules with Grandad and Uncle Dave - guess who threw the 'jack' in this picture!

Ben and Jack played catch or place the ball onto each others scratch pad!

Seth loves the ball on his pram toy

They sure love to run!

Recreating beach poses

..and then there were three bottoms!

Seth's first trip to the beach

Attempts at family photos where we are all looking were a plenty!

Photo bombed!

Spending money from Grandma Josie

Whitby Abbey photo shoot - the five, the ten, the seventeen.

The Grands and the Super Seven #2

Photo success!

So you can count on them all facing forward when it's funny face time!

Whitby Abbey (sunglasses as filter!)


Emily: Boys, just so you know - you can see his bum!
[Boys hurry to have a look at naked statue's bum then wander around the front]

199 steps

Boat trip. Missing Jack -'I like trains and planes but not boats'.....'stop telling me, I'm not coming on'

 Cutie pie 

Wet Wednesday - play gym time. Ben typically spent most of his time in the bus. Wrestle time where Isabelle cam out on top!

Wet Wednesday Wellie Walk


Time for 'vendgers' aka adventures. 
Joseph, are you coming on an adventure??
Thier adventure of choise was to go up a staircase at one side of the house, through the boys room which led to the unused bedroom at the top of the house and then down the staircase at the other side of the house and back round.

Talk about double trouble!

Dalby Forest -truly 'The Great Yorkshire Forest'
Emily saw a real life badger, we missed it - gutted though we did see a deer on the drive out. 
Amazing park, stunning scenery.

Daddy time

So handsome

Quite like the flat cap look!

Birthday cake - shared with Aunty Caroline

Family scripture time

A holiday highlight - hot tub time, indoors or out, take your pick!
Kids in bed and the adults relaxed even more if it involved an ice cream as well! Aunty Gemma was hot tub Queen - in every night!

Pile on Uncle Stuart time!

The 19

North Landing - Granne has a paddle

Great pals

Seth's first dip in the sea - his expression says it all!


Exploring the caves with Grandad.
Fabulous day at the beach to end a fabulous holiday.

Manor Hall Farm aka 'The Farmer's house' = one truly fabulous place to have a holiday.

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