Monday, 11 February 2013

Seth meets the Greats

When you were two weeks old we took you to met 'The Greats' more commonly known as Grandma Josie, Grandad Derek and Grandma Hillary.
They said you were wonderful, so handsome, just perfect. They marveled at your strength, your strong little neck, they were shocked as you turned your head to face Joseph when he spoke to you.
'You're not supposed to be able to do that!' They said.
They thought you looked just like Joseph did when he was a baby. 
They loved to see you pull funny little faces and listen to your cute panty breathing. 
Oh yes my boy you were a big hit.

Grandma Josie brought you more blankets that she'd made. She's already given the fabulous stripy blanket she'd knitted, the one that gets comments every time we use it. It's bespoke and no one else has one just like it. Grandma Hillary had already given you a little coat and a blanket but she also slipped some money into my hand to buy you something else  you may need as you get a bit bigger. Grandad Derek bought you a Peter rabbit, he though it quite appropriate as your middle name is Peter.

Seth I hope you get to spend more time with the Greats. We're really blessed to still have them with us but not only for that reason. We're really blessed because they are truly Great people and your mummy loves them a great amount.

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