Monday, 7 November 2011

Autumnal love

Saturday  night we took the boys down to the bonfire by the river with the Wilsons and Grays. Joseph wanted to go on his hobby horse and pretend to be Mike the Knight, I was really tempted to let him as he looked so cute, sense prevailed and the horse stayed to protect the home! Joseph was a little wary of the fireworks and found comfort under the table 

Ben was less concerned, just very wriggley - and as soon as we got him into bed he fell fast asleep.

On Sunday, the sun was shining though there was a definite chill in the air. We actually got home in a fit enough state to say 'Lets go on a walk' We went to Skipwith Common. I just love it there and at this time of the year it was like sensory overload, with all the different colours.

The long horned cattle just ambling up the path, free to roam wherever they please - another reason why I love Skipwith

Ben just happy to be taken for the ride and eat the leftover parkin from bonfire night (wellies kept falling off so in the basket!)

 Being outside and surronded by such beauty does wonders for my soul. As I drove through the lane between Wheldrake and Thorngaby on saturday morning the colours again overwhelmed me and I could help but begin to sing 'For the beauty of the earth' I just felt so blessed. Blessed to be alive, blessed to have my beautiful boys and blessed to have a supportive, loving, kind husband. I need to be more grateful and enjoy more of the things in life which are free and worry a lot less about the things which aren't. 

A weekend of Autumnal love.

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