Monday, 11 April 2011

An eventful Saturday

Had a great eveing with Nathan's work colleagues on Friday. We went to the Royal York hotel, had food (good in the taste department, small in the potions size -not necessarily a bad thing!)I enjoyed talking to Ashleigh - Graham's girlfriend and found her really easy to talk too. Everyone seems to really like Nathan and have a some what protective attitude towards his standards which I think is nice. When we finally went to bed I was astounded that it was 1:20am - how hardcore are we??!

The room had a great view over the Minster.

In the morning, everyone else (non of whom live near York) had to dash off to various Saturady activites. We however, (who live 10 miles outside York) took a leisurly stroll into the town. Nathan went to a model shop and I went to a fabric shop and a fave haunt 'The Quality used furniture shop' I enjoyed rummaging around their shelves of bric a brac. Nathan commented how he  really loves the fact I bring him in such random shops! I came away with a few plates and a tin full of buttons-result!

The boys had stayed over at mum and dad's. We went to meet them at Isabelle's first birthday party. They'd been really good and Mum told me how sweet Joseph had been when he'd accidently stood on her foot. She'd said 'ouch', he apologised then lay on the floor and kissed it.

It was lovely seeing all the cousins together, playing. Joseph and Emily sang 'See-saw, Majorie door...' as they see-sawed. Ben was of course in his element in the 'Little Tykes car'. He and Jack kept following each other. Isabelle was given plenty of attention from her older cousin Holly who took her for walks.

We had to dash off as it was the Bowen's surprise party. It was a lovely night and I think they were genuienly surprised (despite the fact someone had put it on our ward online calender as the Bowen's surprise party!!) President and Sister Lindley(the mission president) and Elder Wilson (a returned missionary) came too. There was some country dancing; primary sang God be with you til we meet again (lovely);Josh Hatton had done a fab job with putting together a slideshow of photos and people's memories; Gill Cole was busily beavering away to complete the scrapbook for them. The finale was the YM performing a specially composed song. In the event, there were only 2 YM present on the night so they drafted in the Bishop, the Stake YM president (Steve Laurance, Eric our new member, oh and Andy Yoward- the ward YM president and lyricist to 'Bowenian Rhapsody' - very funny and the Pontefract members seemed to take the digs at Pontefract in good spirit- we hope!

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