Thursday, 13 September 2012

The age of Lego

We have entered the age of lego.
I foresee that it will last a long time!
It seems it is an age that many of the male members of the family have been through themselves and one they are quite happy (if not excited) to enjoy alongside the boys as apparent by the Sunday afternoon lego playing session, this weekend.
Joseph was thrilled with the lego he got for his birthday. 'It's so cool'
Star Wars lego, an ambulance lego and a police boat lego = lego heaven.
After school I helped him to make the ambulance lego, as I was steadily building, Joseph was really good with the praise 'That's good......yes that's right.... I'm really proud of you' 
Daddy had to take on the task of building the star wars lego. Evidently the age suggestions on the front of the box do actually have a bearance on the difficulty - funny that :) Joseph was still up at 9 o'clock waiting for it to be built and had time to chat to Uncle Tom and quiz him over how the building of the x-wing was going back at their house.
'Is it finished?'
'Is it good?'
'Will you bring it for me on Saturday?'
At 7:30am, his first words were - 'Can I ring Uncle Tom to ask if he's finished the x-wing?'

Because Joseph is into lego, Ben is too. Though I love that he loves his x-wing, which is made with 3 pieces in total :) (It must have R2D2 on it though)  

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