Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ben's speech

The most memorable one liner from the film 'The King's Speech'  is;
'I have a voice'
Ben has found his voice and it is delightful.

He is truly becoming a little boy not only brimming with character but with opinions, demands and questions.
Some of his current most used one liners are
'What about me?'
'It's not funny - hmph'
'It's my turn'
'Where's my biscuit'
'Not that one, I want THAT one'
'More toast and jam please' (the boy can pack away slices of the stuff)
'It's not fair- hmph'
'Where are my scissors?' (he currently loves to cut things and can cut really quite straight)

The list of new words is ever increasing and it's lovely to hear him sing, something which until he went to Nursery we haven't heard him do before. 

Ben is becoming a proper little boy - however I do love the fact that there is still a bit of baby in there too which manifests itself when he's sucking his thumb asleep. There are times I stand, stare, stroke his hair and take in a deep breath of his sleeping angelic loveliness.

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