Wednesday, 5 September 2012

So to school he went

Last night when the boys went off to bed, I labelled school uniform and completed the homework task. Again I felt sad, sad that this era of Joseph being at home more than not is coming to an end. Our big boy starts school. I'll not know exactly what he's been doing, saying, feeling for a large part of his day. I won't be there to make things better, help him or point him in the right direction when he needs it. He's growing up, starting his educational life, becoming more independent and it's natural and right and exciting in many ways but it's still a bit sad that we're moving on because what we've had has been really good.
I love my boy. 
I'll often say to him 'Joseph, guess what'
'you're my best friend' and I totally mean it. Just like Ben is and Nathan is (the ultimate one x) Joseph is my best friend, there  are just somethings that only he can do to make me complete.

When I took these photos yesterday, the one above totally shocked me as he looks so grown up. The one below is more like the boy I know :)

Love the boys answer to 'what do you want to be when you grow up?'

This morning we all did the walk to school. He was excited. Halfway down the street I had to fiddle with the waistband on his trousers to stop them falling down, and the sleeves on his jumper are too long - he looks a little like the boy in the last scene from the film 'Big!' He went straight in, found the duplo, quick kiss goodbye and that was him settled in - that's our boy :)
Ben and I collected him at 12 as he's only doing half days this week. he ran out big smile, big hug and a sticker. I asked him if he'd had a good time - 'Yep' What did you do? 'played' What did you play with? ' lots of things, can't remember. Who did you play with ' can't remember'  Is Mrs Mudge nice 'yep'. I imagine that most days, after school conversations will run pretty similar.

On your way, inside and on your way home on your first day.

School sent home a report of your first day - a nice insight into what you were up to when we weren't there.

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