Wednesday, 5 September 2012

On the last day of the holidays my true loves gave to me..

 a feeling of sadness. As I watch them play at Selby park, I felt sad. Sad that the holidays were coming to an end, we've had a great time. We've had time to slow down, time for lazy mornings or lazy afternoons  and sometimes both, time for impromptu trips to the park or baking with whatever's in the cupboard, time to spend with family and friends and plenty of time for each other. 

We've been to two  family weddings and on a holiday to Northern Ireland, we've been to the temple 3 times, been to the beach three times.  There have been bare bums a plenty as Ben has begun potty training and more often than not Joseph has be found without shorts on just because.. well just because??! and neither of them are fussed about wearing shoes outside. Some days have been cold and rainy, others warm and dry but everyday they've been all mine and  I've loved it and I think they've loved it too.  
Photo collage of our last day - 
Hide n seek,  
traditional swing photo - not sure Joseph will fit into this type much longer,
photo shoot with Joseph lol!, 
uniform try on, 
Back to school celebratory meal of Sausage, chips n beans with Ice cream factory dessert as requested by Joseph, Dad taught the boys what to do with squirty cream
We decided to have a theme for the school year, something that we want the boys to really focus on at school and nursery and that is to 'Be Kind'  I stitched it late at night and have discovered that I need to be more kind with myself as it's obviously not straight and it really bothers me, no really it does :)

After tea Nathan gave Joseph a lovely blessing to help him during his school year. Joseph sat really still and seemed to grasp that this was something special for him. 

On holiday I...

This was the homework Joseph had to take to school with him (yes of course he did it all by himself)

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