Sunday, 19 July 2015

The 52 project 29/52

Worst quality picture ever! But this is the look you get when you question how many ice creams/ lollies he's had already The answer may well be ' 2 or more than likely 3 and why should that matter, they're nice and I want another. If you take it off me I'll scream!'

School's out for summer and we celebrate by having a sleepover on the landing! A bit of a cliff hanger there for Ben and an obstacle course for anyone navigating in the night, to get to the toilet.

We've just been over to Granne and Grandad's to celebrate Mum's retirement at a point in the afternoon there was the following conversation -
'Granne, some people call me a nerd because of my glasses'
'Oh dear, well that's not very kind of them to call you that. I don't think that'
'Well....probably I am a nerd because I do know a lot of stuff!'
Love how my boy can turn a criticism into a compliment. I think he does know a lot of stuff about the things that matter

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