Sunday, 2 August 2015

The 52 Project 30/52

Schools out for summer and it looks like this ...

We had a great day at Clifton park. the boys ran wild and free (well within eye sight). It was a great park for them, great equipment which was big enough to feel exciting to our now advancing in years, older boys. The splash park was so fun and even though it was a little bit on the cool side, they loved it. I loved watching Ben take the lead role with some of the younger children. It's good for him to be able to have time to adopt a leading role sometimes. Winston loved it that he got attention from a big boy and Seth then copied what Winston and Ben were doing too!

Joseph sticks true to his water baby nature. He doesn't seem to feel the cold. I love how he wanted to help Seth have the full experience of the fountains. We later bought a bag of tokens for the fun fair rides. Both Joseph and Ben paid careful consideration to what they would spend their tokens on.

Look at that face!!! So proud that he's on a ride with the big boys and girls. He has played so hard this week. Naps have been forfeited unless we've been in the car and so most night he just crashes.
I love that we have still got 6 weeks of this.

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