Monday, 31 August 2015

The 52 project 35/52

 Fun at the zoo, which is not our home, on Saturday. made even more fun to go with the cousins of the male variety! This photo is in the wallaby enclosure hence the action from Ben and Jack.

Joseph loves lions, nothing on earth in his opinion is as strong or as fierce some. If any other animal attacked a lion, they would lose. Of course we are not putting dinosaurs into the mix, they're extinct and a species of their own! 
Watching the tiger cubs frolick around and pester their mum, Joseph performed a great (rather loud and in suitable tiger cub accent ) commentary to the action
'Mummy, I want some milk... mummy I want some milk now... mummy... mummy'
It all seemed so relatable, there the mother was just wanting a bit of a lie down and one cub jumping all over her, then when one would leave another would take over the baton!!  
Ben, Jack and Seth (of course) then began their own interpretation of the tiger behavior by crawling up the dusty path. I'm pretty sure no other children left the zoo quite so filthy! They do then reverted back to being revered lions - Ben a baby lion cub and Jack a teenage lion with a small mane. 

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