Sunday, 4 January 2015

The 52 Project 1/52

So a brand shiny new year begins!!! I am motivated to get back into regular blogging. I love to look back on the years that I have blogged and see how the boys have changed and be reminded of the things we have done and experienced, especially the small moments. Inspired by my friend's blog I am going to take part in 'The 52 Project' where you take a photo of each child once a week. I think this will be a nice and simple way to get me back in to the blogging mojo!

 Seth turned two!!!! How I hear you ask?? 
We had the family over for hot sandwiches and birthday cake. This is a photo displaying a great talent on his - kissing!! In fact it is probably more aptly described as smooching! He freely gives his kisses when asked and to his favourite people they are offered. I am his most grateful receiver except when the smooch includes a little bite as well! Even then the makeup kiss to say sorry is worth the pain! 
Here he is giving Grandma a kiss - check out his pout!

 Ben is really coming out of his shell and becoming a confident little boy. The new year we went to visit the lovely Anderson's. We let the boys stay up late on New Year's Eve and they brought in the New Year with Istanbul! The boys made gingerbread men. True to form Ben got the messiest - flour ever-ry-where!!! He also asked me to film him as he did a demonstration on how to make gingerbread men. We did a couple of takes until he was satisfied!! 

Joseph had his first attempt at a climbing wall when we went into Edinburgh on New Year's Eve. He gave it a good go but rather enjoyed swinging on the rope strapped to his harness, a bit more than persevering any  further when the grips got further apart!!

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