Friday, 23 March 2012

Mother's Day

I spent most of last week reading great talks from the church website found here about motherhood. It has to be said that writing talks I find, totally takes over my life. I read lots of amazing things, spend day and night thinking, praying about which direction my talk should  take and admitably
put off the actual writing of the talk. The beginnings always stump me and I must begin about four, five... ten, eleven different ways before I may then go back to beginning number two or three.

 To be honest though it did consume me, I actually felt like it was a gift. A gift to direct me; to cause me to reflect on my role as a mother; to think of the amazing things my mum has done for me physically, emotionally and espcially spiritually and also the other women who have greatly impacted on my life because of their mother hearts. In particular I thought of my Grandmas and Val and Beth my two wonderful Young Women's Presidents who I just knew loved me (even when I was 15 lol!) I also thought of Violet and how much of a great mother she was, though she never bore children of her own; how blessed we were as a family to have her as part of it and how blessed 'her boys (Gohar, Ranjit, Jamil , Ayas and also Wayne)' were to have her as their church mother. 

I love the mormon message 'Motherhood an eternal partnership with God' (found here) so many parts of the message resonate with my spirit and what I've gained from this week is fresh perspective on how I need and want Heavenly Father's direction as I am a mum to Joseph and Ben. 

I'm grateful for Nathan, for being the husband and Dad he is and for all the help, encouragement and love he gives me.

On the morning, he organised breakfast for me and the boys brought me cards and gorgeous flowers.

We went to church, the service was lovely. Rafa and Nila sang beautiful prelude music and I loved watching Joseph sing with the rest of primary. 

I requested a family photo attempt. This was the best of the lot! 

Most of the rest looked like this -

After church we went and quickly popped in to see my Mum. The boys were reluctant to wake up from their naps :)

Which gave Granne and Grandad the perfect opportunity for some all too rare cuddles with my boys - the perfect mother's day gift.

Another attempt at a family photo :)

We then went to have tea with Carol. The boys entertained and went into their roles of Lords of the Manor with the 'Uncles Three' and Aunty Amy being the humble servants (poor Aunty Alice was at work). We had a great time and as usual the boys did not want to leave. Ben hid in PePo's cage :)

A lovely day

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  1. What a perfect day.

    I have to say how much I enjoyed your talk - so inspirational and REAL: something I could relate to and heartfelt.

    Thank you. xx