Monday, 15 June 2015

Insta update #4 May ed.

First time ever in a swimming pool! Only taken 27 months! To be fair the swimming pool burnt down before he was born and only just reopened. He pretty much wore this expression the whole session and was extremely quiet! I think he liked it?!

Blossom makes me happy

Saw a deer today!! Always exciting
. #simplepleasures #notasexcitingasamoose

When you say 'strike a pose' and this is the response!
#lovemyboys #twoyearoldsoaksituplikeasponge

FHE last night was on the words we say. We compiled a list of words and phrases we did not want to hear in our home. After about 20 contributions, Ben pipes up with 'We really must not say 'Oh my gosh, just look at her butt!'' (You know the song right?) Needless to say next week's lesson is on listening to good music! Oh my gosh is on the list too! 
#kidsaresponges #keepingitreal

Yellow fields make me happy! Blue skies too! Still a bit nippy though. 
#lovespringevenings #simplepleasures

Watching the bros do their stuff in their swimming lessons.

When you're trying to listen to boy number two read and boy number three appears wearing goggles!

Not a particularly original shot - Seth and a mess. But just look at that face!! Love him!

11/5/15 we began reading The  'real' Book of Mormon (as opposed to the scripture readers) from the beginning. I wonder when we will finish? One of the simple pleasures of life must be listening to your child read with confidence. 

Pretty garden finds

And we shall call this photo - I am my mother! 
I remember the times she would clear out underneath my bed and be aghast at the things she found! Haha!

When the boy loses his trousers after PE and comes home in his PE shorts inside out, the label like a little tail. Man, I love this kid, he laughs we laugh.

Mini McNee and Mini Balckburn at Oakwell Hall

Sleeping on the job.

When your bedroom is being decorated and you get to sleep somewhere much more exciting, like under Mum and Dad's bed!!

Bouncing is what I do best!

I got to live out a teenage dream and went to see Take That!! Fabulous!!

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