Sunday, 8 September 2013

.....and now they feel epic!

The rest of our camping trip was fortunately dry.
We returned to my favourite beach and had a glorious afternoon. I seriously love this place! It is a piece of heaven and feeds my soul. I loved watching my boys climbing and sliding down the huge sand dunes. They would out of view for a few seconds as they explored the top amongst the long grass, reappear when called, give me a wave and then dash off again!

The mini one loved the sand too. He used his hands and mouth to discover the delights of the sand! I have no doubt if we were to return this time next year he'd be having a go following his big brothers up the dunes too!

Nathan sat for a peaceful moment building a sandcastle.,Ben and Joseph dipped in and out to help.

The sea was blue and warm to paddle in. It met with Ben's approval. He being more of a fair weather paddler as opposed to Joseph who is one sea-loving water bum! Any opportunity he's in, throwing his head back and laughing with delight as the waves crash around him. Being the adventure heart he is he just wants to go that little bit deeper than you permit!

It was truly a wonderful afternoon. Have I said how much I love this place?

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