Saturday, 14 July 2012

More holiday highlights and a ' why I blog' moment

'Mud glorious mud' enjoyed on our Gruffalo trail in Moors Valley Park.

Nathan has nicknamed this pose made by Ben so often - 'Ben's default position.' ( I love it and have to ask myself at what age must I try and encourage him to stop sucking his thumb.. not 3 surely?)

Helping(?) Dad make a house for the mouse from the Gruffalo.

 I'm not entirely sure how much of my breathe was spent asking Joseph not to use sticks as guns over the holiday but it certainly was wasted! 

I won't shoot people Mummy just Clinkers, they're droids Mummy'

We were really impressed by how well Joseph remembered parts of the Gruffalo which helped us complete the trail.

On Monday we moved location from Shorefields Park nr Milford on Sea to Sanford Holiday Park nr Poole. As check in wasn't until 4, we went to explore part of the Purbeck coast. Lulworth Cove is somewhere I've wanted to go as soon as we booked the holiday back in January. It makes a perfect shell shape. It was lovely, a shingle and rocky beach, down a steep path with a stream running down and surrounded by hills. 

 I love the smells of the beach, salt, sea, seaweed. This one reminded me a little of Flamborough Head (will have to take a trip there soon)

More opportunity for rock throwing.

It's still fun no matter what age you are!

 There were great views of the cove and beyond from the top of the surronding hills.

Why I blog moment came as we were enjoying ice cream. Note in the photo below that the man behind Ben has Mango sorbet on his trousers. Joseph in his helpful, forward nature also noticed the dripping mango sorbet and events went as follows;

Joseph: 'Oh your ice cream is dripping on you trousers!'
Before innocent man has chance to get a tissue Joseph is helpfully (?) wiping (rubbing in) the mango sorbet off the man's trousers with his hand. Man's wife comes out of shop to retrieve Mango sorbet Man has been holding for her and brushes past Joseph, only to get some of his 'Twister' ice cream on her trousers.
Joseph : ' oh you, got my ice cream on your trousers' 
Before innocent women can get a tissue, Joseph begins wiping (rubbing in) the ice cream off the seat of her pants with his hand. 

Nathan and I trying desperately to swallow laughter. At this point I'm in desperate need of toilet.

And just because we've not had a 'look how messy Ben can be' photo for a while here's one of him after a piece of liquorice!

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