Thursday, 28 June 2012

Beach bags/totes at the ready

Next week 'we're all going on a summer holiday' - cannot wait :) 

I came across a great tablecloth in a charity shop the other week which I thought would be fab to use for some beach bags. 

For the design I used inspiration from a couple of bags pinned on  my bags to make board. Thanks Liz for the construction tutorial  and Delia for the idea on how to add texture to the handles. 

 You can't really tell from the photos that the handles have been top stitched about six times , in real life I love how they look.

I added two pockets inside and as I interfaced both the lining and the outer fabric the bags have a nice thickness to them.

Oh I made two, one slightly smaller. I think I'll go and buy some scotchguard to make them a little more water /stain repellant - don't want to be too precious about them getting wrecked at the beach :)

 Can't wait to use these next week :)