Sunday, 22 January 2012

Care programme

Today I've been ill :( I woke up with an enhanced version of the headache I went to bed with and so pretty much stayed in bed all day. My needs have been tended to by; Nurse Ben who took on the role of lap dog and snuggled up for a three hour nap - though his body was warm his toes were ice cold and quite soothing when placed on my head - though not for long. He also provided some of that great medicine, laughter, when he picked up my boot and scrunching his nose up said ' eww smells yucky' Nurse Joseph has said prayers for me, it really is so nice to hear him pray from his heart the things on his mind. 'Please bless Mummy she is poorly.' Before bed he came and sang me songs - renditions of baa baa, twinkle twinkle (which Ben joined in with as well as Snowman) I am a Child of God, popcorn, 12345, incy wincy, 5 fat sausages and Old macdonald who had a giraffe - I love his voice he carries a tune well and sings high and clear. I love the fact that he gets the words muddled up and adds his own bits in - how I'll miss that when he grows up a bit more and can sing them word perfect. At the end he started singing total gobbledegoop to a mish mash of tunes and lyrics such as silly punk??? It made me laugh. Nurse Nathan came home from  church at an early 1:40pm gave a me a needed blessing, I loved how faithful Joseph was straight after 'Are you better now Mummy?' we explained that we have to wait a little while and Heavenly Father will help me get better. Nurse Nathan then set to task and tended to the boys and their needs for the rest of the day, read them a long story and put them to bed. Tea however was provided by Nurse Diane, who via the Stilgoe nurses sent us a pork dinner and chocolate pudding and custard. I feel grateful to be so cared for.

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