Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Squeezing out the last drop of summer

Wayhoo - love the fact that the end of September brought with it a heat wave!!  We jumped at the opportunity to get outside and lap up the last of the summer rays. 29 degrees on the 1st of October - loved it.

Wednesday we went to Cawood park with some of Joseph's class mates for a picnic. It was nice being with everyone, however the highlight for me was taking Joseph and Ben over to the bike ramps. Joseph rides his bike to school now and I think it may have taken over from 'Red' as the favourite birthday present  It has made the walk to school much more fun and there is no whining about being tired. Presently we have to stop and pick 'two' blackberries from the bush on the way to and from school!! Anyway back to the bike ramps. It did occur to me as we made our way over that it may not be the best idea to let him go on them, one of the mums did query whether he'd be OK. But I'd already suggested it to him and his mind was now set. I need not have worried - he was fab!! He whizzed down them no problem.

 'Look at my cool moves Mum'

'Do you like my cool moves Mum?'

'Take a picture Mum....can I see?............Aww that's cute!'  (love it!!!)

That night when he said his prayers, he said: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that Jesus loves us, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. This warmed my heart. I love the fact that he knows he is loved and that he knows that he's cute!!

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