Monday, 8 August 2011

Round Up Post

So it's been a couple of weeks since I last blogged and now there are too many things to try and remember so this will have to be a round up, short snap shot post.

Injuries a plenty -
Last week I put up a tent in the back garden, I was laying with Ben chillin on the cushions - it was lovely. Then Ben sleepily in search of a hug dived onto to me , his head hitting my cheekbone - ouch! I didn't shout, I just cried. A large black eye developed over the next few days and now a week late it is still a prominent brown. So with a matching large bruise on my arm where I stopped my self from falling to the ground by landing on a chair, I looked a sight to behold as Nathan and I went out for a meal and to watch the last Harry Potter for our anniversary!! Finally, friday night whilst hot gluing rosettes onto a wreath I stood on a heavy duty staple. It got stuck in my foot and I wailed for Nathan to come and get it out ( I actually had a flashback to how I wailed when giving birth - I'm a little pathetic when it comes to pain!!)

Nathan and I have actually been out two consecutive Wednesdays - wahoo!! The Wednesday before we went out for a meal with Liam, Rachel, Dan and Nicola. I'd come back from work to find that Nathan couldn't find the key I'd posted through the letterbox. We looked and looked to no avail so had to go out through the door window and onto a chair - we looked very classy. When we got back, we had to climb back in through the window and then searched until lafter midnight to then find the key under the sofa - wonder who put it there Ben???

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