Friday, 22 April 2011

In the midst of a migraine

This week I had another migraine, I've been having quite a few recently.  Nathan was great and sorted the boys out whilst I went and buried my head in my pillow. Migraines really do suck, head feels like it's in a burning clamp and sickness. All I ever want to do is fall fast asleep and sleep it off. As I tried to zone out the activity of downstairs kept drawing me back to painful wakefulness though it did have me laughing out loud at points non the less.

'Daddy! Daddy! Ben's pooed in the bath...come quick Daddy it's bisgusting (no spelling error!)'

He must have  then got himself out of the bath leaving Ben wading in his own muck, climbed onto the toilet seat and heckled  the following out of the window...

'Leo...Leo..Ben's pooed in the bath Leo! Leo I'm naked! I'm just a bit naked Leo!'
{How does an 11 year old boy respond to that??!}

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