Thursday, 31 May 2012

Somethings never get old

It's been a while since we had a messy Ben post, this week provided more than a few photo opportunities of the Master of Mess in action - love this boy :)

Nutella (lets be honest Aldi's version half the price for near the taste suits me and let me just say it made great banana and nutella bread) on bread, the boy scraped off the nutella and left the bread. Totally takes after me in this respect - straight from the jar with a spoon is my favourite way to eat it or on pancakes with ice-cream. Nutella is not allowed in the house very often as it just speaks to me all too often.

This was a classic - never trust a quiet child moment. 

Quiet Ben whilst mummy is doing something on this occasion equalled Ben sat on the table with Mummy's pencil case and specifically decorating his body with Permanent Green marker oh and a bit of biro but PERMANENT GREEN MARKER!!! Google search    'how to get permanent marker off skin' produced rubbing alcohol with debates as to if Boots sold it at the pharmacists or if it was something chemists needed to order in - fabulous. However, I must say a moment of true mum magic - I'd heard hair spray got out biro so thought it was worth a shot and would you believe it voila 'hair spray removes permanent green marker off skin'. I will be adding my findings on the matter to all yahoo forums when one can find a moment :)

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  1. Awesome, and good to know! If only I knew a child friendly way to get nail varnish off skin!